June 21, 2018

Amazing Spider-Man’s Farewell Issue Hits Home (Amazing Spider-Man #801 Review)

By Jesse Schedeen Dan Slott wrapped up a ten-year, hugely influential run on Amazing Spider-Man a few weeks ago. Consider Amazing Spider-Man #801 as one final, […]
June 21, 2018

Sicario: Day of the Soldado Review

Share. A dark, gritty, and well-acted action drama that already feels dated. By Witney Seibold Stefano Sollima’s Sicario: Day of the Soldado may have been considered […]
June 21, 2018

Iron Man’s New Comic Is Fun but Shallow (Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 Review)

Share. Tony Stark learns how to have fun again. By Jesse Schedeen Try as it might, Marvel has never really managed to channel the popularity of […]
June 21, 2018

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion DLC Review

Share. Trials so tough, you might just tear out your tentacles. By Brendan Graeber If most single-player campaigns in online shooters are designed to get your […]
June 20, 2018

Netflix’s Set It Up Review

Share. As formulaic as they come, but … By Kenneth Seward jr. Romantic comedies have the uncanny ability to entertain despite following a strict formula. I […]
June 20, 2018

The Yellow Birds Review – IGN

Share. A lot to love, but ultimately a missed opportunity. By Kenneth Seward jr. The Yellow Birds is one of the more puzzling films I’ve seen […]
June 20, 2018

Joker and Catwoman Make a Great Team (Batman #49 Review)

Share. Who needs Batman anyway? By Jesse Schedeen The funny thing about this latest Batman storyline is that Batman himself is the least important player. The […]
June 20, 2018

Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse Review

By Matt Elliott Be sure to visit IGN Tech for all the latest comprehensive hands-on reviews and best-of roundups. Note that if you click on one […]
June 20, 2018

Mario Tennis Aces Review – IGN

Share. An enjoyable arcade tennis match let down by a short-lived single-player adventure and slim customisation options. By Tristan Ogilvie Playing a match in Mario Tennis […]
June 19, 2018

FLCL: Progressive Episode 3: “Skipping Stones” Review

Share. Progressive takes a beach vacation, featuring volleyball and robot battles By Sam Stewart “Skipping Stones”, aka the obligatory beach episode, continues FLCL: Progressive’s trend of […]
June 19, 2018

Supergirl: Season 3 Finale Review

Share. Making it Reign one more time. By Jesse Schedeen Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below. Just a quick note to start things off – […]
June 19, 2018

Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr Review

Share. Trudging through Diablo-like combat in the 41st Millennium. By TJ Hafer There’s a lot of appeal to the idea of a top-down action RPG that […]
June 18, 2018

Westworld Review: Season 2, Episode 9 – “Vanishing Point”

Share. You can’t handle the truth. By Laura Prudom This review contains spoilers for Westworld Season 2, episode 9, titled “Vanishing Point.” To refresh your memory […]
June 16, 2018

Sense8 Series Finale: Ending Explained

Share. Love conquers all. By Matthew Dougherty Netflix gave Sense8 a feature-length series finale after cancelling the Wachowski-created series following Season 2. Here’s our spoiler-filled review of […]
June 16, 2018

GLOW: Season 2 Review – IGN

Share. Friends in Glow Places. By Matt Fowler This is an advance, non-spoiler review for all 10 episodes of GLOW: Season 2 on Netflix – premiering […]
June 15, 2018

12 Monkeys: Season 4 Premiere Review

Share. Enough tomorrows, and you’ll be dead. By Christine Seghers Note: This is a spoiler-free review of the first three episodes of 12 Monkeys: Season 4: […]
June 15, 2018

Marvel’s Luke Cage: Season 2 Review

Share. Luke can’t punch his way out of this one. By David Griffin This is an advanced SPOILER-FREE review of Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 2. You […]
June 14, 2018

Tag Review – IGN

Share. This particular game is worth playing. By Simon Thompson Every few years there’s a comedy that plays with a convention in a fresh and entertaining […]
June 13, 2018

Venom #2 Is Slow But Gorgeous (Venom #2 Review)

Share. The true history of Venom is beginning to be revealed. By Jesse Schedeen To date, we’ve only seen a handful of the new series that […]
June 13, 2018

Thor: New Comic, Same Quality (Thor #1 Review)

Share. The Odinson is back in action. By Jesse Schedeen It’s becoming slightly ridiculous just how many times Marvel has relaunched Jason Aaron’s ongoing Thor saga. […]
June 13, 2018

Legion Season 2 Finale Review: “Chapter 19”

Share. Every villain is the hero of their own story. By Ryan Matsunaga This review contains spoilers for Legion’s Season 2 finale, titled “Chapter 19.” A […]
June 12, 2018

Superfly Review – IGN

Share. Slick flick is more capable than amazing. By Witney Seibold In Gordon Parks, Jr.’s 1972 blaxploitation classic Super Fly, Harlem was portrayed as a dingy […]
June 12, 2018

Unravel Two Review – IGN

Share. It takes two to tangle. By Daniel Krupa I remember the first Unravel more for its adorable protagonist and lush setting than as a puzzle […]
June 12, 2018

FLCL: Progressive Episode 2 “Freebie Honey” Review

Share. Hidomi and Ide grow closer as Haruko and Jinyu’s battle rages on around them By Sam Stewart Warning: The following review contains spoilers for the […]
June 11, 2018

Incredibles 2 Review – IGN

Share. The Power of Family. By David Griffin After a 14-year hiatus, the heroic Parr family returns in a sequel that, in many ways, surpasses the […]
June 11, 2018

Jurassic Park Evolution Review – IGN

Share. I’ve decided not to endorse this park. By Dan Stapleton What could possibly go wrong when managing an island amusement park full of giant, man-eating […]
June 11, 2018

Westworld Season 2, Episode 8 Review: “Kiksuya”

Share. This is the wrong world. By Laura Prudom This review contains spoilers for Westworld Season 2, episode 8, titled “Kiksuya.” To refresh your memory of […]
June 8, 2018

Sense8 Finale Review: “Amor Vincit Omnia”

Share. Love conquers all. By Matthew Dougherty This review contains spoilers for Netflix’s feature-length Sense8 series finale, “Amor Vincit Omnia.” “Pain binds us together better than […]
June 7, 2018

Every IGN Hitman Review – IGN

Share. Hitman’s greatest hits. By Dan Stapleton Agent 47 returns this November 13 for Hitman 2! No, not Hitman 2: Silent Assassin – the other Hitman […]
June 7, 2018

Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop Review

Share. Budget price and performance. By Jason Cipriani Be sure to visit IGN Tech for all the latest comprehensive hands-on reviews and best-of roundups. Note that […]
May 21, 2013

What feeds them? Michael L. Martin Jr., fantasy author – Feedly Blog

First of all, could you introduce yourself?My name is Michael L. Martin Jr. and I’m an author of fantasy. Currently, I’m writing a fantasy series called […]
May 1, 2013

What feeds them? Daniel DiPiazza, Writer – Feedly Blog

What is your passion? I am a digital entrepreneur and the founder of Rich20Something, where I teach young people how to break out of the boring […]